Why My Dream Homes?


Owning a house is everyone’s dream. It means you care about your point of view, the way you see the world around you, and the things and people and events in it. So, building a house is an expression of you investing in personal emotional, intellectual, and/or perhaps spiritual growth.

My Dream Homes offers you to get your dream house plan in a reasonable price. You can find here detailed design, estimates & consultation services.

If you don’t find the matched house plan what you are thinking for, don’t worry, you can send us the hand sketch or write to us. We will convert your thoughts to accomplishment.

Plans below 700 Sq. Ft.

Detailed Design Drawing in AutoCAD worth Rs 1000

Plans 701 – 1000 Sq.Ft.

Detailed Design Drawing in AutoCAD worth Rs 1200

Plans 1001 – 2000 Sq.Ft.

Detailed Design Drawing in AutoCAD worth Rs 1500.

My Dream Homes Services

House Plan & Design

Your Own House, Flat Buildings, School Buildings & Other Commercial Purposes

Estimation & Costing

All type of structures if you asked for as per standard rate of schedules.

Supervision & Inspection

Well qualified & Experienced Professionals


Problems & get an appropriate solution